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We’ll begin with an assessment to identify areas of strength & weakness for each student.  Then we’ll use our class time to address problem areas as well as practice the test-taking strategies & skills that are necessary to get the highest scores possible.

  • Find out the tips & tricks you need to do your very best

  • Review material commonly tested on the ACT that you may not remember or may not have covered yet.

  • Learn how to effectively use your programmed calculator (this one thing alone raised my daughter Kate’s math score by 5 points!)

  1. Practice taking real ACT tests so you can get the silly mistakes out of the way and move along the learning curve to your top score.

The 3-week, 4-session classes will meet on Saturday mornings from 10am till noon on the 3 Saturdays prior to national test dates.  Students also attend a day-before, last-minute practice session in order to be highly prepared for their ACT test date. 

All classes cover strategy, review & teaching to the specific tests

    CLASS 1: English & Math (terminology, arithmetic, calculator use)

    CLASS 2: Science & Math (algebra & calculator use)

    CLASS 3: Reading & Math (geometry, graphing & calculator use)

    CLASS 4: Strategy Review for all 4 tests, Test Checklist, Math

Any time that a group of 3 or more students needs a different time, date, or location, I will do whatever I can to accommodate that need; please discuss your scheduling needs with me.

The 3-week, 4-session class is $275 which - in addition to 8 hours of targeted instruction - includes extensive notes for current & future study as well as any needed updating of your calculator (so that it has the current operating system, 2.55MP/2011, installation of App4Math & a check of the calculator settings).

Separate classes are offered, in addition to or in place of the 3-week, 4-session ACT Prep for students whose needs or schedule have different requirements (or as make-up classes for students who miss a regularly scheduled class).

Tutoring is generally offered as a 2-hour class, covering any listed topic, at a time to fit your schedule:

    CLASS 1, 2, 3 or 4 (as listed above)





    WRITING (not covered in the 4-session class)

    ARITHMETIC review (with terminology & calculator usage)

    ALGEBRA review (with calculator usage)

    GEOMETRY review (plane & coordinate geometry & calculator)

The tutoring session can be tailored to meet the student’s individual needs.  Tutoring fees vary based upon number of students, with a discount for students in current or previous 4-session classes.

2 hour session                      1 student      2 students    3-4 students

Regularly-enrolled student         $100              $60 each        $40 each

Not-enrolled student                 $150              $100 each        $75 each

Make-up class for any reason    $50

The tutoring fee includes notes covering that specific study area as well as calculator programming, updating & instructions.

The 3-week course will require that you have the current edition of the Cracking the ACT book (with or without DVD).  The current edition is generally available at local bookstores but may be substantially less expensive if purchased online.  I will be making assignments from this book.

I also very strongly suggest that you have a TI-84 model calculator which I will update (as needed) & program with ACT specific helps (the TI-84 calculaotr can be the Plus or Silver but NOT the Color edition).  Programming with applications to save time and brain-power on the ACT test will be provided as part of this class if your student has a TI-84 calculator.  You will not be able to take full advantage of the course without the programmed calculator.  Please look under HELPS for additional calculator information.

You need to have taken the ACT test or a practice test prior to our class (I can provide the test if you do not have one); please submit your scores to me when you sign up for this class.  This allows me to see each student’s strengths & weaknesses so that both the student & I can see where our efforts will be most effective.

The class fee is $275 per student for 8 hours of instruction, class notes, calculator instructions & updates, & lists of additional resources.  The fee is due to me in order to hold your spot in the class.  Please email me at  to let me know if you plan to join us so I can give you my mailing address & answer any additional questions.    


CLASS Content

Who: High school students preparing for the ACT test

What: 4 sessions to work through Cracking the ACT book, take practice tests & learn to use your programmed calculator

When: 3 week class, offered prior to most national ACT test dates

Where: LaFortune Community Center, 52nd & Hudson, or in my home classroom in the LaFortune Park area

Why: use information & motivation to prepare you to do your best

How: Email me to sign up,, $275 class fee

3 WEEK Classes


Individual or Small-Group TUTORING